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Pull Fly Indicating Seal

Plastic Seal Available in Polypropylene and Nylon

Single Piece Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal

Stock Color Available: Light Green

Unit Price USD$0.14 cents each

MOQ 2000 - Mats of 5 - $280.00

Custom Color Available - Lilac, Red, Yellow, Brown & White - 4 week lead time. MOQ for customization 10,000.




Pull Seal Grip 3 Fixed Length

Polypropylene Plastic Seal

Multifunctional and versatile Universal Seal.

Diverse Application Sector: Transport, Postal, Packaging

Stock Dark Blue 

Unit Price USD$0.09 cents each

MOQ Box 2000 - $180.00

Custom Colors Available: Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Light Green


Pull Seal Grip 4 Fixed Length

Pull Grip 4 Fixed Length Seal

Stock Item Available: Dark Green

Multifunctional, Economic and Versatile Application

Varied Application: Bags, Sacks, Lockers, Catering, Deposits

Sectors: Transport, Postal SErvices, Packaging

Custom Colors Available - Dark Blue, Red - 4 week lead time

MOQ 2000 - Matts of 10 - $180.00




Pull Tite 300mm Adjustable Strap Seal


• Adjustable indicating strap seal.
• Multifunctional and universal use.
• It offers maximum security against tampering.
• Applicable for the sealing of extinguishers, hose reels, lockers, valves, emergency doors.
• Laser, thermal or injected ink printing with consecutive numbering.
• The laser marking system offers a very high security level. It cannot be erased.

Item available in stock, Pastel Yellow APRE000009517 

Custom colors available, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. 

TREE anchor-type seal for drum fastening


  • The TREE anchor-type seal is optimal for closing openings, measuring 3.0/3.5 x 15.5 mm.
  • Material: Polypropylene copolymer.
  • Easy manipulation using the concave head.
  • Easy introduction through the notches in the hooks.
  • Manually breakable seal (patent) or easily separable with knife or tool.
  • 1.5 mm diameter hole for attaching label.
  • Completely tamper-proof, since the hooks can be broken at the notches.
  • Printing of logo on both sides on request.
  • Available colours: Black, red, blue. Check availability of other colours
  • Unit Price $0.17ea,
  • MOQ 8000 per box