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At Precintia dependability and security are foremost in production.

As manufacturers we help our customers solve their current problems. We believe that a security seal is an element conceived, designed and tested for a specific purpose. A security seal requires investments, studies, tests and a commitment to collaborate with the user.

The team works from decision making to execution on the factory floor, to guarantee the final delivery of reliable products:

  • Each operator picks up the corresponding production order, and once provided with the necessary material for production, they notify the person responsible for preparing the machine.
  • Once the machine is prepared, a first sample is manufactured, recording all its parameters and delivering it to the quality department to carry out the relevant controls.
  • During production, the operator carries out the self-monitoring of the process according to the guidelines for each machine. At the same time the manager performs production controls.
  • Finally, the roaming inspector oversees the order and the correct recording of the different parameters.