357 SW 37th Terrace, Gresham. OR 97080



A company’s staff is its brain. The Precintia team has an engineer's mind and an artisan's heart, providing a made-to measure solution for each customer.

We are a company dedicated to integrated and comprehensive passive security. We work with 52 countries and carry out our activity throughout the value chain thanks to our more than 100 employees from 7 different nationalities.

In Precintia we have a common project for the future in which the different teams make the company's challenges a reality. Each of our teams plays a very important role acting according to our values and our culture. This creates a good working climate and a sense of pride in belonging to the company.


We are a medium-sized family company. Working in Precintia is different—we are the leader in Spain. Here, we can offer you more opportunities to take on new responsibilities, with highly experienced staff, to develop new skills and to have your achievements recognized. We are looking for people who can not only do their current job, but also those who have talent and potential to take on greater responsibilities in the future.

The business culture of Precintia is:

  • Open.
  • Friendly.
  • Warm.

As a Precintia employee, you will collaborate with inspired and talented colleagues who enjoy the challenge of working and making a difference.