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Products by application

Control of master keys

Internal mail


Document delivery

I send blood samples

Shipment products online or e-commerce sale

Security tags restricted access

Special safety labels for gas and oil pipelines

Security labels for airport equipment control

Security labels for luggage control

Security labels for file destruction

Security labels to detect unauthorized access in restricted offices

Safety labels for hand luggage

Security labels for events used by police

Security labels for evidence manipulation in documents

Security labels to show unauthorized openings in military equipment

Safety labels for identification fire hydrants

Safety labels for the final inspection of delivery of new vehicles

Security labels for mini hotel bars

Safety labels for aircraft maintenance processes

Security labels to protect and highlight computer systems and equipment

Safety labels for aircraft doors and hatches

Security labels for ballot boxes in elections

Identification labels food traceability

Seals for 60-400 steel barrels 1.

Seals for fiber drums

Seals for drums

Seal for installation plate

Precintos for casinos

Seals for freight forwarders

Seals for electoral elections

Precincts for cash collection

Sections for transportation of funds

Seals for quality certifiers

Seals for wastewater

Sections for smart meters

Seals for water treatment

Seals for supermarkets

Seals for large surfaces

Seals for oil mills

Seals for warehouses

Seals for hospitals

Seals for RFID applications

Seals for traceability

Seals for cages

Seals for armories

Seals for livestock farms

Seals for industries

Seals for airports

Seals for port authorities

Premises for shipowners

Seals for consignees

Seals for refrigerated trucks

Rail seals

Trailer seals

Seals for transporters

Precintos for airlines

Seals for tankers

Precincts for nurseries

Seals for viscera

Preclosures for online sale

Seals for valves

Seals for values

Seals for railway wagons

Trolleys for sale on board

Seals for trolleys catering

Seals for trains

Seals for TIR transport

Seals for maritime transport

Seals for air transport

Seals for sampling

Taximeter seals

Precincts for taxidermias

Seals for analog or digital tachographs

Tachograph seals

Seals for dispensers

Seals for silos

Seals for gearbox sensor

Seals for dryers

Seals for cutting rooms

Seals for mail or cash

Seals for footwear and accessories

Seals for clothes

Seals for emergency doors

Seals for truck doors

Label holder seals

Fishing seals

Seals for pallets

Seals for Iberian standard

Seals for shipping companies

Seals for metrology

Seals for medicines

Preclosures for slaughterhouses

Seals for laboratories

Seals for jewelry

Seals for hams

Precords for igps

Precintos for Iberian

Seals for inspections

Seals for livers

Seals for fire extinguishers

Seals for luggage

Sausage seals

Seals for the confidential destruction of documents

Seals for appellations of origin

Seals for life jackets

Seals for mail courier messaging

Seals for species control