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Ball Seal ring-type

• Ring-type metal indicating seal.
• Steel banded, manually fastened standard customs ball-type seal.
• Unbreakable with visual indicator of the correct locking.
• Applicable for trucks and/or trailers, road tankers, car cylinders, containers, hopper cars, railway cars, air cargo and warehouses.
• Embossing of company name (up to 20 characters) with consecutive numbering (8 digits).

• Recognized by international customs.High resistance to temperature changes.

Item available in stock

TREE anchor-type seal for drum fastening


  • The TREE anchor-type seal is optimal for closing openings, measuring 3.0/3.5 x 15.5 mm.
  • Material: Polypropylene copolymer.
  • Easy manipulation using the concave head.
  • Easy introduction through the notches in the hooks.
  • Manually breakable seal (patent) or easily separable with knife or tool.
  • 1.5 mm diameter hole for attaching label.
  • Completely tamper-proof, since the hooks can be broken at the notches.
  • Printing of logo on both sides on request.
  • Available colours: Black, red, blue. Check availability of other colours
  • Unit Price $0.17ea,
  • MOQ 8000 per box


Pull Tite 300mm Adjustable Strap Seal


• Adjustable indicating strap seal.
• Multifunctional and universal use.
• It offers maximum security against tampering.
• Applicable for the sealing of extinguishers, hose reels, lockers, valves, emergency doors.
• Laser, thermal or injected ink printing with consecutive numbering.
• The laser marking system offers a very high security level. It cannot be erased.

Item available in stock, Pastel Yellow APRE000009517 

Custom colors available, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. 

Ten-Lok 1 Red Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal - 12 inch Tail

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

Stock available in Red

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 10 - $130.00

Also available in custom colors - Green, Yellow, White, Black - lead time 4 weeks.

Ten-Lok RFID Security Seals

Adjustable indicating strap seal.

Smart seal to automate traceability management and automate data capture with high memory capacity.

Products for the Food sector

Stock Color: Yellow

MOQ Boxes - 1000 -  $320.00

Witty-Lok Ring Type Seal

Single Piece, easy to use, ring-type indicating seal. 

Manufactured in polypropylene. Includes break point to facilitate its opening.

Watertight lock.

Flag 2 1/2" x 1" (65.2 x 22.4 mm.) Tail 12" (290 mm.)

Stock color: Dark Blue

Box 1000 - MOQ 1000 - $90.00

Way-Lok Adjustable Security Strap Seal Version 6 - Dark Blue

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert. Version 6

Stock Color: Dk Blue

Custom colors available: Red, Yellow, White, Black, Green, Orange & Black

Box 1000 - Matts of 10 - $160.00


Way-Lok Adjustable Security Strap Seal Version 7 - Red

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

Stock color: Red

Custom order colors- Yellow, White, Black, Green, Orange, Dk Blue

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 10 -  $160.00

Ten-Lok 3.8 Heavy Duty Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal - 17 inch Tail

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert. 3.8 mm strip diameter.

Available materials: Polypropylene and Nylon. Resistant to changes in temperature.

• Different marking options: Thermal, digital thermal and/or laser printing.
• Laser marking which offers a very high level of security. It cannot be erased.

• Flag 2" x  1" (54 x 22 mm.)
• Tail 17" (445 mm.) Available in polypropylene and nylon

MOQ 1000 caron - Matts of 10 - $180.00

Stock item color: Dark Blue

Custom order colors available - Black, Red, White, Yellow & Green - 4 week lead time


Ten-Lok 2 Dark Blue Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal - 8 inch Tail

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

• Wide range of versions. Three flags and two long strips available. 1/8" (2 mm) tail diameter.
• Material: Polypropylene/Nylon
• Marking Options: logo, barcode and consecutive numbering.
• Tensile strength from 8-16 kg to 13-26 kg (depending on the material)

• Flag 2" x 1" (54 x 22 mm.)
• Tail: 8" (190 mm.)

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 10 - $130.00

Stock color available - Dark Blue

Other colors available with custom ordering - Black, Red, White, Yellow & Green - 4 week lead time

Ten-Lok 1 Dark Blue Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal - 12 inch Tail

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

Stock available in Dark Blue

Unit Price USD$0.13 cents each

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 10 - $130.00

Also available in custom colors - Green, Yellow, White, Black - lead time 4 weeks.


Way-Lok Adjustable Security Strap Seal Version 3 - Yellow

Adjustable Security Strap Seal - Polypropylene

State of the Art High Security Indicating Seal with Casing to House the Metal Insert

Stock Color: Yellow

Custom Colors Available - Red, White, Black, Green, Orange, Dark Blue - 4 week lead time

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 10 - $160.00

Secure Tite Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal 4

Adjustable Multifunctional Polypropylene Indicating Strap Seal

Thermal or Digital Printing

Available Stock Color: Dark Blue

MOQ1000 - Matts of 10 - $130.00

Custom Colors Available - Red, White, Yellow, Green - 4 week lead time


Secure Hasp Padlock Seal 2

Polypropylene Plastic and Galvanized Steel Wire Padlock Seal.

Applicable for the Airline Industry, Land Transportation Sector, Food Sector and Health Services Industry.

Unit Price USD$0.13 cents each

Stock Color: Blue - MOQ 1000 - $130.00

Custom Order Colors Available - Yellow, White, Black - 4 week lead time.




Nifty-Lok - Adjustable cable seal

Nifty-Lok Adjustable Cable Type Security Barrier Seal

Indicating Seal with Adjustable Cable

Stock Color - Light Blue

Bag of 10, per carton 500 - $200.00

Custom Colors Available - Black, Red, Light Blue, Yellow & White


Cable Safety Seal Adjustable F-150

F-150 Adjustable CAble Seal

Cable Diameter 1/16", Tail 10".

Non-preformed Braided Steel Rope

Stock Color: Black

Custom Color Available - Red - 3 week lead time

MOQ 250 - Price $137.50

High Security Barrier Seal CS3

Metal Seal Applicable for Cargo Containers

Available Stock Color - White MOQ Carton 200

Custom Colors available - Light Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Light Green - 4 week lead time.

Also available with Laser Printing

MOQ Carton 200 - $449.00

Poly Lok 2 Ring type seal

Poly-Lok Ring Type Seal

Flat Strip Ring- Type Polypropylene Indicating Seal

Stock Color: Light Blue

MOQ carton 1000, bags of 10 per - $110.00

Custom Colors Available - Red and Light Green - 4 week lead time.


Pull Seal Grip 4 Fixed Length

Pull Grip 4 Fixed Length Seal

Stock Item Available: Dark Green

Multifunctional, Economic and Versatile Application

Varied Application: Bags, Sacks, Lockers, Catering, Deposits

Sectors: Transport, Postal SErvices, Packaging

Custom Colors Available - Dark Blue, Red - 4 week lead time

MOQ 2000 - Matts of 10 - $180.00




Pull Seal Grip 3 Fixed Length

Polypropylene Plastic Seal

Multifunctional and versatile Universal Seal.

Diverse Application Sector: Transport, Postal, Packaging

Stock Dark Blue 

Unit Price USD$0.09 cents each

MOQ Box 2000 - $180.00

Custom Colors Available: Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Light Green


Pull Fly Indicating Seal

Plastic Seal Available in Polypropylene and Nylon

Single Piece Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal

Stock Color Available: Light Green

Unit Price USD$0.14 cents each

MOQ 2000 - Mats of 5 - $280.00

Custom Color Available - Lilac, Red, Yellow, Brown & White - 4 week lead time. MOQ for customization 10,000.




Safe-Lok 1 Adjustable Strap Seal

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

 State-of-the-art adjustable indicating strap seal.

• Flag 1 1/2" x 2.5"  (35 x 64.5 mm.)
• Tail: 11" (280 mm)

The metal insert is housed in welded casing to prevent tampering.

Ideal for fastening mail and cash bags, plastic storage boxes and cages.

Stock Color: Dark Blue

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 5 - $180.00


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NEW-LOK multifunctional seal
New-Lok Multifunctional Seal - Dark Blue

Polypropylene Plastic Seal

Multifunctional Indicating Seal

Different marking options: Thermal, Digital Thermal and Laser Printing.

In stock color - Dark Blue

MOQ 1000 -Matts of 10 _ $110.00

Custom colors available - Black, White and Yellow - 4 week lead time



Rotary seal close, Euro Tool-less

Polyester and Resin Plastic Seal

Patented Rotary Lock Seal

Tool less

Stock item color: Dark Blue

MOQ 1000 - bags of 100 - $240.00

Custom colors available - Red and Green  (4 week Lead Time)


ROTO SEAL rotary seal closure
Roto Seal Rotary Lock Seal

Patented rotary lock seal ideal for sealing holes with small diameters such as meters (water, gas, electricity, petrol), taximeters, etc.

Flag: 1" (22.65 mm.)

Stock color: Dark Blue

Polyester: transparent polycarbonate body. Insert: Colored ABS

Laser marking with logo and space for 7 digits.

Custom colors available: Red, Green - 4 week lead time

MOQ 2000, bags of 100 - $280.00



Seal BI-LOK fixed length
Bi-Lok Fixed Length Seal

Fixed length indicating seal

Nylon indicating seal to protect electricity, water or gas meters, measuring and calibration devices or vehicle instruction bags.

• Flag 1" x  1/2" (24 x 12 mm.)
• Useful marking area: 3/4" x 1/3" (20 x10 mm)

Stock color: Yellow

Unit Price USD$0.18 cents each

MOQ 1 box 1000 - $180.00

Custom colors available: Black, Dark Blue - 4 week lead time.




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Hand Lok -Padlock type seal

Padlock-type indicating seal to close up small holes or openings, available with injected ink marking, laser or digital thermal printing.



Unit Price USD$0.08 cents each

MOQ 1000 Box - $70.00


Products by sectors

Depending on the activity of each company, the seals can be classified by different segments or market sectors.

Products by applications

Depending on the use of each seal, they can be classified by their applications.

Products by security level

According to their level of traction the seals are classified by high security, safety and indicative.


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We continuously develop new methods, which provide the best security solution in the most compromised situations. That's why we research and work closely with each client, to transform an idea into matter.

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Featured Product

Indicative seal adjustable flange TEN-LOK RFID

Indicative seal that has a box to encapsulate the metal insert with RFID tag.

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Product customization service

LWhat is important for our customers is important to us. This is the reason why many companies trust
Precintia. Offering tailored seals and security products.
Before advising a seal or a marking technology we must ask some questions.

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It is a Spanish family company, leader in the manufacture of security seals and security systems , with 35 years in the sector and is in continuous expansion and development of new products in the passive security market, always offering the highest quality.

As manufacturers we offer a wide portfolio of security products to a wide range of industries . We offer security seals, security bags with sealable seals, labels and security rolls, envelopes and security bags and other products for monetary, postal and logistics organization.

The efficiency and versatility of our products and services has allowed us to obtain clients from all over the world in industries such as food, sea and air land transport, banking and transportation of funds, water supply, electricity and gas, textile industry, chemical, agriculture, livestock and fishing, forestry, oil extraction, manufacture of motor vehicles, wholesale and retail, online sales, postal and courier services, public bodies ... Everything you need to provide solutions in all sectors.