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Precintia with the Iberian ham and ham sector

Precintia in the food industry

The Ibérico pig industry, like that of the white pig, has begun a process of quality assurance and product improvement, for which it is implementing control systems.

Hams and shoulders pass through multiple processes in the production chain, from the pig’s slaughter to its sale to the final customer. Strict management and control of product traceability is necessary throughout its production chain.

Precintia offers different types of seals and security labels to abattoirs, industries, as well as to designations of origin, iGPS, and quality control certification bodies. Many companies trust us because of our pioneering quality products and because of our solutions that incorporate new RFID technologies.

We offer the following security seals: Ten-Lok, Ten-Lok RFID, Bi-Lok, Pull Fly and strap seals for hanging hams.

We can also offer bags and seals for samples as well as security labels for the control of slicing.

The classification of ham in Spain is determined by the breed of the animal and its diet. Depending on the breed of pig we distinguish between Ibérico ham and white ham—the first comes from Ibérico pigs and the second from white pigs.