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Roto Seal Rotary Lock Seal

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SKU: APRE000009729
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  • Patented rotary lock seal ideal for sealing holes with small diameters such as meters (water, gas, electricity, petrol), taximeters, etc.
  • The seal consists of two pieces of plastic through which the wire is threaded manually.
  • The ROTO PRESS sealing machine wraps the wire inside the body, at the same time as it marks the coloured part..
  • Different types of wires available: non-conductive, corrugated or braided wires.
  • Applicable as a substitute for lead.
  • Laser marking with 7-digit consecutive numbering and logo on the back.

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  • Flag: 1" (22.65 mm.)


  • Polyester: transparent polycarbonate body. Insert: Coloured ABS
  • Laser marking with logo and space for 7 digits.
  • Check availability of other colours.



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