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NEW-LOK multifunctional seal
New-Lok Multifunctional Seal - Dark Blue

Polypropylene Plastic Seal

Multifunctional Indicating Seal

Different marking options: Thermal, Digital Thermal and Laser Printing.

In stock color - Dark Blue

MOQ 1000 -Matts of 10 _ $110.00

Custom colors available - Black, White and Yellow - 4 week lead time



Nifty-Lok - Adjustable cable seal

Nifty-Lok Adjustable Cable Type Security Barrier Seal

Indicating Seal with Adjustable Cable

Stock Color - Light Blue

Bag of 10, per carton 500 - $200.00

Custom Colors Available - Black, Red, Light Blue, Yellow & White


Pull Fly Indicating Seal

Plastic Seal Available in Polypropylene and Nylon

Single Piece Adjustable Indicating Strap Seal

Stock Color Available: Light Green

Unit Price USD$0.14 cents each

MOQ 2000 - Mats of 5 - $280.00

Custom Color Available - Lilac, Red, Yellow, Brown & White - 4 week lead time. MOQ for customization 10,000.




Pull Seal Grip 3 Fixed Length

Polypropylene Plastic Seal

Multifunctional and versatile Universal Seal.

Diverse Application Sector: Transport, Postal, Packaging

Stock Dark Blue 

Unit Price USD$0.09 cents each

MOQ Box 2000 - $180.00

Custom Colors Available: Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Light Green


Pull Seal Grip 4 Fixed Length

Pull Grip 4 Fixed Length Seal

Stock Item Available: Dark Green

Multifunctional, Economic and Versatile Application

Varied Application: Bags, Sacks, Lockers, Catering, Deposits

Sectors: Transport, Postal SErvices, Packaging

Custom Colors Available - Dark Blue, Red - 4 week lead time

MOQ 2000 - Matts of 10 - $180.00




ROTO SEAL rotary seal closure
Roto Seal Rotary Lock Seal

Patented rotary lock seal ideal for sealing holes with small diameters such as meters (water, gas, electricity, petrol), taximeters, etc.

Flag: 1" (22.65 mm.)

Stock color: Dark Blue

Polyester: transparent polycarbonate body. Insert: Colored ABS

Laser marking with logo and space for 7 digits.

Custom colors available: Red, Green - 4 week lead time

MOQ 2000, bags of 100 - $280.00



Safe-Lok 1 Adjustable Strap Seal

Indicating seal with casing to house the metal insert.

 State-of-the-art adjustable indicating strap seal.

• Flag 1 1/2" x 2.5"  (35 x 64.5 mm.)
• Tail: 11" (280 mm)

The metal insert is housed in welded casing to prevent tampering.

Ideal for fastening mail and cash bags, plastic storage boxes and cages.

Stock Color: Dark Blue

MOQ 1000 - Matts of 5 - $180.00


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